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Our factory is located in the scenic Yellow Sea coast of Haimen, Jiangsu province. It has a large number of top staff in the plastics industry, involving the entire industrial chain of the plastics industry. We can provide you with the professional services of design, mold opening and production. We are specialized in producing various manual tools, electric tools, vehicle tools, garden tools, kitchen tools, laser leveling instruments, sports goods packaging and other hollow blow boxes and stadiums and stadiums, sand beach tables, chairs, traffic obstacles and various blow molding. The processing and production of irregular parts; the processing and customization of corrugated paper packaging. In the 3000 square meter factory area of Haimen Binhai Industrial Park, there are large blow molding workshop, assembly workshop, silk screen workshop and injection workshop, and 1000 square meters of corrugated carton production workshop. Our aim is: "all can be done except cattle." Warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to create a better tomorrow.