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Talent concept

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Guided by the development idea of people foremost, Bolang has paid great attention to talent cultivation, encouraged innovation spirit and kept cultivating talents by tapping and giving play to their talent. All our staff members are full of enthusiasm to work hard and do the most valuable things. At the same time, our company has been sharing interest, value and dream with everyone in order to bring about the common growth of employees and the company. 
By joining Nantong, you will work together with successful people and have a successful life. Our company provides employees with excellent development platform and greater room for development which enable our employees to give full play to their abilities, tap their potential, make excellent work performance and achieve common growth with the enterprise.  
Besides, Bolang has created a desirable working environment and healthy, positive corporate culture for the employees who will, in turn, work as one and have a strong sense of belonging.  
Our company does its utmost to offer employees competitive salary and welfare, which is aimed at bringing about win-win outcome for the interest of both the enterprise and of the employees. 
Bolang looks forward to creating a bright future and you are welcome to join us.